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Workshop and machinery

Welcome by Matez shipbuilding,

The pictures show clearly the space of our workshop and how the machinery is set up.

The workshop is 52 meter long and 20 meter wide 1040 m2 of working space that is heated and equipped with good ventilation.

On our 40 meter dock/quay we can prepare houseboats for shipping or install the carpentry. From the workshop the boats are driven outside where they are hoisted with a crane to the quay.

Three overhead cranes with a safe work load of 10 ton each and 2 hoist arms of 2 tons each give us the advantage to construct from every positions in the workshop ships without interfering other operations.

With lifiting cylinders we are capable to hoist even heavier ships for transport.

We have a CNC plasma cutting machine and a modern bench press of 4 meter. Also we have small machinery and tools for metalworking like bending machines, band saw and drill machines etc.